Weekend away on Magnetic Island

So on the 2nd June I turned a whopping 30 years old. Amazing I made it this far huh?

My wife and I decided it would be nice to spend a weekend over on Magnetic Island to relax and recharge after the busyness that had been May.
We brought our daughter and some good friends agreed to come along too.

We stayed at Hotel Arcadia right next to Alma beach. It wasn’t 5 star or anything but it was clean and comfortable and offered splendid views over the bay.

I brought an arrangement of cameras to tackle any situation, oveerkill I know. This IS me we are talking about though. I had my 4×5 Busch Pressman and a few film holders, although I didn’t shoot with it too much I did get a nice rocky foreground and sunset glow from the beach on Kodak Ektar, I’ve not yet processed those sheets.

I also toted my Nikon F100 for most of the general photography and my trusty Rolleiflex T.

We decided it would be a good idea to do the forts walk, since it’s something I haven’t done since I was a kid and the view from the tops of some of those military gun emplacements is just brilliant. So with kids in tow we set out on the 4km return walk through the forest and up the mountains.

Even the view along the track can be breathtaking as you can see from the below image, this was shot from a lookout on the trail, the golden light gives the image a wonderful warmth.

View from Magnetic Island


I was suprised how goods the kids were, not a whole lot of complaining and those little legs kept on pumping along the rocky track. From further up you can get some fantastic views of bays and islands around the area. I have only a few shots to share today as I have not finished processing and scanning the film from this trip but you can still imagine how nice it was.

View of Bay Amelia on the Beach

In the latter pic here you can see my daughter about to enjoy a quick dip in what was quick cold water, Winter here is a wonderful time of year, cool winds and water but warm days with nice cool nights, Living in paradise.

We also went for a drive around to west point, it is accessible by conventional vehicles but only in the dry season, during the wet you’d need a good 4wd to get there. We all have 4×4’s anyway so it wasn’t a problem and makes for some fun driving. Over on the untouched beach at west point we crossed upon what has to be the biggest starfish I’ve ever seen!

Giant Starfish

He was alive and well, looked to be waiting for the tide to come back in. I also made a shot on b&w film on the Rolleiflex (Below) the rest of the trip I had Kodak Ektar 100 loaded in the Rollei and yep you guessed it, those shots are still as yet unprocessed.

Giant Starfish


Magnetic Island makes for a nice place to get away and relax, especially in summer when the water is warm and the sea breeze so welcoming, with only a short ferry or car-barge trip across from Townsville it’s a place we should go more often!


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