Hello out there

Wow, ok so it’s been a year since my last blog post.

my bad. I’ve been really busy, it’s not that I haven’t been doing any photography, I have. In fact if you follow me on flickr you’ll see the stuff that I regularly upload. things have been pretty hectic at work and even at home.  Having a young family keeps me busy with pick ups, drop offs and football etc.

There have been a few new reviews and posts over on Thorley Photographics. My brother and I plug away at that whenever we can.

I’ll try to post here a little more often, to tide you over here are some shots I have taken over the last year.


Tanya Portrait

Townsville City at Night

Amelia and Linc

1949 Leica IIIc + 1937 Leitz Summar 5cm

Crystal Creek Falls

Sculling by Dusk

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