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Coming soon this page will have photographs of Actual Prints I have made.

This is a new project where I will be making series or sets of prints and offering them for sale here.

Prints will range in sizes up to 16×20 at this stage (special requests can be made via contact page) and will be printed on a variety of paper stock using traditional darkroom techniques. I will also be listing some special Bromoil prints for sale here also, these are one of a kind and not part of a set so the prices will reflect that.

For more information on the Bromoil Process, see our blog post on Thorley Photographics Blog –> Here
For some photos made using the bromoil process see this Flickr search –> Here

All other prints will be made to archival standards on Baryta based Silver gelatin papers, Resin coated or Fiber Based and either Matte, Pearl or Semi-Gloss finishes and Toned in Selenium.

Matting as standard but extra for framing. 🙂

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